Photo: FIVB - Müller/Tillmann at the Elite 16-Event in Ostrava

Beach Volleyball National Teams

The DVV supports Beach Volleyball athletes since 1999; including up to three female & male national teams. The teams were able to achieve striking results in the past and became one of the strongest forces in Europe. Striking achievements are for example, the Gold Medal win in 2016 of Laura Ludwig and Kira Walkenhorst at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and the gold medal win in 2012 of Julius Brink & Jonas Reckermann at the Olympic Games in London, the Bronze Medal win of Joerg Ahmann/Axel Hager in 2000, the Bronze Medal win of Brink/Kjell in 2005 at the World Championships, the Gold Medal win in 2009 & the Bronze Medal win in 2011 of Brink/Reckermann, the Silver Medal win of Karla Borger/Britta Buethe in 2013, and the Bronze Medal win of Jonathan Erdmann/Kay Matysik in 2013. Additionally, the women’s/men’s national teams won many medals at the European Championships (11x Gold Medal).

National Teams 2022


Karla Borger / Julia Sude

Sandra Ittlinger / Isabel Schneider

Svenja Müller / Cinja Tillmann


Nils Ehlers / Clemens Wickler

Paul Henning / Sven Winter

Lukas Pfretzschner / Robin Sowa

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