The German Volleyball Federation

The German Volleyball Federation is the top organization in Germany in the business of volleyball and is responsible for volleyball, beach-volleyball and snow-volleyball.

The federation has its headquarters in Frankfurt/Main. It is organized with a full-time board and the voluntarily presidium on top. The presidium is lead by the president.  

The German Volleyball Federation is member of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), the European Volleyball Federation (CEV), the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), and had 451,717 members in 2016.

The Federation’s main tasks are:

  1. Physical education of members, especially young players
  2. The main support of volleyball, in terms of general game operations, mass sport, top-class sport, high-performance sport, and Beach-Volleyball. Dissemination and funding of volleyball are also tasks of the German Volleyball Federation.
  3. The representation of this sport nationally/internationally as well as the communication with the FIVB, CEV, DOSB, and other sports associations and to observe their interests properly. 


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