German Beach Tour

Since the 90s there is the German Beach Tour. Over the year it has gotten many different names. But every year the same is - the German Beach Volleyball Championship at the end of summer hosted at Timmendorf Beach in the north of Germany. 

At differents tournaments during the summer the beach-volleyball-teams can win points to qualify themselves to be allowed to take part at the German Beach Volleyball Championship in Timmendorf beach. In the whole country, from Munich to Hamburg, there are these tournaments of the "Deutsche Beach-Volleyball Tour". This beach-volleyball series is splitted in tournaments as part of the German Beach Tour and since 2022 as part of the ROCK the BEACH series. The ROCK the BEACH tournaments are more entertaining and focused besides beach-volleyball at the audience, musik and hobby sports. 

Get more information about the German Beach Tour here.

Get more information about ROCK the BEACH here.

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